Wearable Technology As a GPS Tracker for Kids.

Wearable technology has a role to play as being a parent can be stressful when it comes to keeping our kids safe.

Perhaps it’s time to consider a wearable technology as a GPS tracker for kids if you answer no to the following questions -

           Do you have eyes at the back of your head? 

           Do you have a clone of yourself that can do everything you can? 

What is wearable technology? 

Simply put, these are GPS child tracking devices worn on the body or close to it or even in the body.  A wearable device can be used to keep our kids and teens safe.  

It was in 1963 that satellites became available for commercial use.  Since then, it has been possible to use GPS in many instances - SatNav, mobile phone or handheld GPS unit.   

Fast forward we now have wearables to track our children.  These device communicates with at least four GPS satellites rotating around the earth. Information about each one’s position is transmitted at current intervals. These signals, travelling at the speed of light, are intercepted by the GPS receiver, in the smart wearable which calculates how far away each satellite is based on how long it took for the messages to arrive.  Distance from the satellites to the locator is noted and its position is calculated.  This information, is then sent to a third party map or smart phone for monitoring.  

GPS locator on child's ankleGPS locator on child's ankle

Luckily, wearable technology comes in a variety of forms and are designed especially for kids and parents. Here are a few ideas!

Set it and Forget it GPS Tracker for Kids

The easiest smart wearables for kids and parents are the ones that are small enough to hide in something. They do all the work while parents just check in online to make sure their little one is where he/she should be. 

Amber Alert GPS: This little GPS child tracker can either be hidden in a book bag or worn as a necklace. It allows for two way calling, geo boundaries, and speed alerts. Every five minutes this tracker updates its location too. Even smarter, this GPS is linked with Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database which sends an alert if the tracker gets too close to an offender’s house. Offenders are automatically shown on the map application too.

Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker: This nifty device lets users set up geo-fences for protection while showing real-time location. Alerts are then sent if the tracker goes beyond a safe area. Another perk is the long battery life, especially since it does not track if the target is stationary.

Securus eZoom: Being a mini GPS tracker, pocket-sized locator has its perks! Just place it anywhere and it will give a pretty accurate location whether it’s inside or outside. Users can keep track of its whereabouts by using the Securus website and maps.

Hey kid, watch where you’re going!

It’s no surprise that a wearable technology should come in the form as smart watches for kids.  These GPS kids watches, come in fun colors and designs that are fashion forward so all the cool kids that includes teens and tweens have them. Oh yeah, and they also provide safety and protection. 

Great examples include: - 

FiLIP 2 GPS Watch: This brightly colored watch is easy to use. With just one button a child can answer or make a call. There’s even a big time and date display so that kids can learn numbers and letters. Parents or guardians can keep track with this child GPS tracker by using the FiLIP application on their phone or computer. 

Tinitell: With a simplistic design, this wrist phone only has one big button. A child merely has to press it and say a name to make a call. The wrist band is also waterproof and resistant to dirt, making it ideal for young ones. Pretty simple!

Paxie: Ever need to know if your child is feeling well? This wrist cuff has no buttons but can track your child’s heart rate and overall temperature. It also sends alerts if the tracker leaves a safe zone or if it’s removed. Parents are able to see their child’s real-time location too. 

GPS Tracker for Kids - You Can Run But Can't Hide!

What if your kid doesn’t want a cool smart watch? What if your kid constantly leaves his book bag and gps tracker for kids somewhere else? We’ve got you covered. Now, GPS tracking wearable technology has come up with the perfect solution: GPS shoes for kids. 

Mediatek 361 Smart Shoes: No, it’s not a joke. Your child can be located easily with a GPS chip discretely hidden in his/her shoes. The chip records and sends data to any smartphone. There’s even a convenient charging pad that the shoes can sit on. Also, these shoes come in colorful designs that will be hard to lose!

GPS Smart Sole: looks and feels like regular insoles and can be placed in most shoes and may be trimmed for size.     The built in tracking device is equipped with a SIM card and transmits location data to a dashboard. The smart sole requires periodic charging as you would a cell phone.

Owning a wearable technology to track our kids for safety and peace of mind is one thing, but as a parent we should not forget this quote by Lynn Schofield Clark, an associate professor at the University of Denver and author of “The Parent App.” “Parents who equip their young children with tracking devices still have to try to balance the parental instinct to protect their offspring with the need to nurture their sense of independence and responsibility”.

Children can’t be protected by gadgets alone”, — “they also have to learn the basics of being a responsible family member: We still have to remind them again and again that they have to let us know where they are and not wander off.”