Real Time GPS Tracking For your Teen

Real time GPS tracking for teens and preteens.  Put them on your radar for peace of mind, sound sleep, and serenity of mind.   

What is real time tracking?

Very simply, I imagine it as a GPS device within my cell phone or car.  The GPS devise uses data to calculate location from two dozen or so satellites orbiting the earth.  This information is then sent out by my cell phone tracking device wirelessly to a third party i.e. a phone company.  The data is then analyzed and integrated onto a template such as my Google maps or SMS alerts. 

Why is it important?  

Primarily - for safety.  If you are taking care of teens, tweens or even little children you can never be too safe.  You can imagine the kind of panic and emotion that sears your heart when you imagine the risks or hazards that your son or daughter is surrounded with at home or at school.  

Monitoring our teen's smart phones and on line activity can prevent bullying, stop predators, on line abuse, and death.  This, is my own personal view and mine alone “Parents are entitled to know about their children provided they are under their care” 

There are more than 250 types of GPS device tracking systems for parents to track their kids. These are mostly handheld GPS trackers and mini GPS trackers sold on Amazon.  If you have a teen or preteen, you will need it.  Practically, that means that just about every one, or let us say, four out of every five homes need a GPS tracker.   A good example is a GPS tracking app iPhone with apps to locate people. The app sends constant alerts to the cell phone through email or text at different intervals. 

Secondarily – to monitor your teen's driving habits. The statistics below shouldn't shock you!

Examples of real time GPS tracking software devices for tracking kids

There are several suitable child tracking system in the market: - 

1. Real time cell phone tracking software that is either free or paid for.

Free GPS cell phone tracking software mostly come in the form of free applications (apps) that can be downloaded onto a smart phone such as an android or iPhone.   Paid for apps have the advantage of having more features. 

Many parents find that tracking with cell phones are cheaper, easier, and reliable.   Limitations can be the cost of cell phone plans and so one has to shop around for a plan that suits their budget and the lack of signals in remote areas.  

Here are some of my personal favorite real time GPS trackers:-

  •         Free GPS tracker software 

                 Mytracking (blackberry, nokia, geo-fences with SMS alerts,  map                  pages for PDA)


  •        Paid software – teensafe (features include location, social media,         activity, messages etc)

My advise is that you carefully read the privacy policy of the app before you sign up to understand what each of these companies will be doing with the information.  i.e. read the fine print. 

2.  Real time vehicle tracking devices. There are typically two types –

  • The stand alone car GPS tracker  – There are many on the market to choose from.  The one thing about these, is they require constant recharge like a cell phone.
  • Hard wire car GPS Tracker  – Some are easy to self install whereas others require a professional.  

Teen drivingTeen driving

In summary, real time GPS tracking for your teens is important because;

  • They demand more freedom
  •  They are more independent
  • They are subject to peer pressure
  • They are expected to take on more responsibility
  • It decreases parental anxiety
  • It increases parental involvement and communication