How GPS Works To Track for Children

Learn how GPS works to track children. We have answers for anxious parents.

Global positioning system finds your location on earth by utilizing the signals from a web of satellites which were launched right at the end of last century by the States.

How GPS works is that there are presently two dozen or so systems orbiting the earth.  Each satellite is continually sending out radio signals, which contain information on its location and the time that the signal went out.  GPS trackers, devices, and locators have GPS receivers built into them which are then able to pick up these signals and use the data to calculate how far away the satellites are using the speed of light.  These receivers in term make calculations about locations.  

This very principle is used in a GPS child tracker.

GPS tracker for kids does not send data back to the satellite and thus data is not stored.  

Any useful child tracking device should be dependent upon 2 technologies - GPS and a phone. Anywhere that one can receive a GPS signal and cell reception, the GPS tracker would be able to do its job.

The limitations is owning a land since one is not able to receive text data or plug into the internet.  

Probably all parents has had this experience at least once. You out in the zoo, a crowded amusement park or mall, you loose sight of your son or daughter for what feels like 2 seconds, you look back, your heart lurches when they are no longer there.

Parents and care givers, it is not possible to keep track of your children 24/7 unless you have the following; 

   - Eyes at the back of their head. 

   - Invent a clone of yourself to see and do everything.

You all know that this is not possible, so perhaps it’s time to consider a GPS kids tracking device. 

Why? For peace of mind – a child walking to or back from school - monitoring a child in a crowded venue - the autistic child.

  • Would you like to have all the benefits that these devices can bring your family? 
  • Would you like to be able protect your child to your best of your ability? 
  • Do you want to know where your child is at all times?

If the answer is yes -  A GPS child tracking device can do all of this for you.

How GPS Works - Hey Kid ! Watch were You Are Going! 

How GPS works to track children?  It depends what you are looking for:

Luckily, locator devices come in a variety of forms and a number in the market have been designed especially for kids and parents in mind. 

The ideal solution for children should include real time GPS tracking device, hence the location of your kid is consistently updated.  The device receives information from a network of GPS towers then offers the information into the device of one's choosing, typically a cell phone or your working computer. The device does not lag, so the situation the parents sees at the device is the exact location of the child.

I have found that the easiest trackers for kids and parents are the ones that are small enough to hide in something such as book bag or worn as a necklace or a GPS bracelet. 

These devices do all the tracking while parents with the use of an app on a smart phone will send text messages; other smartphone are able to open Google map showing a child’s location; the straight forward cell phone will be sent a text message and an address.  

It’s no surprise that most GPS trackers for kids are wearable these days, such as smart watches, wrist bands, or ankle bracelets.  They come in fun colors and designs that are fashion forward so all the cool kids have them.

Gps kids watch

What if your kid doesn’t want a cool wrist watch? What if your kid constantly leaves his book bag and tracker somewhere else? We’ve got you covered. Now, GPS tracking technology has come up with the perfect solution: GPS shoes for kids.

The Amber Alert GPS allow for two way calling, geo-boundaries, and speed dial.  Even smarter, this GPS is linked with Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database which sends an alert if the tracker gets too close to an offender’s house. Offenders are automatically shown on the map application too.

Advanced technologies in knowing how GPS works is helping us tackle various safety concerns, child safety being number one!