GPS Tracking Equipment & Software for Tracking Kids

Thankfully, technology has produced GPS tracking equipment in the market for tracking kids as parents would love a gadget that would solve every kid problem life throws their way.  

Here are some solid reasons why owning a GPS tracking equipment will increase parental peace of mind:-

  1. Protection and safety
  2. Monitor location 
  3. Monitor driving habits
  4. Help keep speed down
  5. Trust and relationship building
  6. Improve communication
Mum with smart phoneMum with smart phone

Devices For parents To Track their Children  

1. Protection and safety - One form of a real time tracker for kids is a standalone tracking device for youngsters also known as child locator devices.  Some utilize cell phones or computers.  Other devices can be worn as watches, a necklace or clip onto a child's clothing or ankle.

A good example is the Amber alert GPS.  This GPS is linked with Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database which sends an alert if the tracker gets too close to an offender’s house.

Another example is the Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker.  Users are able to set up geo-fences while showing real time location.  It ahs a long batery half life.  

Older children may often be unaccompanied by their parents in certain situations such as walking home to and from school or in company of friends.  While every child needs to be given some independence it can be extremely worrying to parents about the exact location of their children.  

A real time GPS tracker for older kids is available through cellular phone as most cell phones have have some form of positioning capability.  Data can be fed back to a parental or caregiver monitoring device such as sms alerts, email, computer, or smart phone.   

2. Monitor Safe Driving -  A GPS tracker can be installed into a car to monitor our teens driving habits and location.  Some of these trackers can record and track unsafe driving events over time as well as location. These devices are expected to instill safer driving habits by setting limits and expectations, improving communication, and parental involvement.  

I favor the trackers produced by Live Trac - they are effective and straightforward car GPS tracker to use. Some will send out an alert if tampered with. 

My teenage nephew and niece have the Motorsafety products installed in their car.  My brother has tried other products in the past and has found this product to be vey easy to install and it comes with an easy to use mobile app.  

For those on a budget, a GPS tracking key is affordable and users are not required to pay data fees.

What features I Look For In A GPS Tracking Equipment for Kids

  • Kid, tween, and teen friendly
  • Compact and light weight
  • Accurate locator
  • Track in real time
  • Track travel history
  • Smart phone friendly
  • Ability to receives alerts when device arrives or leaves an area
  • SOS button
  • Ability to alert multiple contacts
  • Ability to set speed limits i.e. notified when the speed of the device changes 
  • Costs/Activation and data fees if any
  • Auto Insurance discounts