GPS Kids Watches: Watchful Eyes on your Child’s Wrist 

Luckily, you can strap nifty GPS kids watches to your child's wrist. This will track for those times you can’t.  

Wearable technology has developed really awesome smart watches that are easily used and accessed by both parent and child. Don’t worry, these trendy tracking watches will make your kid the coolest one on the playground! 

The Future is Now: GPS Kids Watches 

Is your kid too young for a cellphone? No problem.

You can get your children GPS kids watches that also enables phone calls. 

Here are three mini gps tracker conveniences rolled into one! 

  • FiLIP Locator Watch: This device uses GPS and Wi-Fi to ensure real-time location of your kid that you can view on the accompanying application. You can set safe zones and location updates so that you’re aware of everything. Even better, your kid can make and receive phone calls just like a cellphone! Your child will also be able to tell time and check the date while enjoying the variety of colors this watch comes in.
  • Caref GPS Phone Watch: Bringing in the title of world’s smallest GPS watch, this child tracker enables its user to make and receive phone calls. You can even send text messages to your kid letting them know when dinner is ready. And for those emergencies, an SOS button can be pressed easily which automatically calls listed contacts. With a 24 hour battery life and an assortment of colors, your kid will thank you for their (limited) freedom.
  • Oxking Mini GPS Watch: Your child can easily speed dial your contacts with just one button for easy calling. Boasting a long battery life, this tracking watch gives real-time location and geofence settings. The coolest feature is the MP3 player that will have your kid listening to sweet tunes wherever he/she goes!

GPS kids watch with app on smart phoneGPS kids watch with app on smart phone

Good Ol’ Tracking Watches for Traditionalists

Maybe you don’t need a super fancy talking GPS tracker for kids watch to know what your child is up to. Even the simplest of kid’s watches still provide that sense of security you need.

  • Kidswatcher: This GPS watch still tracks children even if they go inside of a building using Wi-Fi. With worldwide coverage, you can check your child’s whereabouts anywhere using the app or web portal. You’re also notified if the watch is removed. Coming in 3 awesome designs, this waterproof watch is perfect for beach vacations or even a trip to the neighbor’s pool!
  • HereO: Finally, a colorful tracking watch made just for ages 3 and up. You can set up safe zones and then see where your child is anytime using the HereO Family App. And if the panic button is pressed on the watch, all family members signed into HereO will be alerted. Fortunately for you, this watch is also built for wear and tear so don’t worry about your kid playing a little rough in the sandbox!