GPS Kids Tracking to Know Where Your Children Are

Owning GPS kids tracking system is a must for peace and calm when your child is out of sight.   

A child tracking system

The question of whether you should or should not place a GPS kids tracking device to know the whereabouts of your child neither here nor there. They are your children and until they come of age and move out to live on their own, you are the boss. Therefore, you call the shots. When it comes to the safety of your children, it would be better to err on the side of caution.

According to the Department of Justice in the US, every year, close to 350,000 children are separated from their parents for at least an hour. This and many other factors have been driving the market demand for GPS trackers kids tracking for moms and dads.

While a big chunk of the population thinks that these fears are unfounded, the truth is that numbers do not lie. Children do get lost every day!  

Everywhere on the internet today, we read about how GPS has saved people’s lives and we cannot help wonder at how much good use technology can be put into. In fact, GPS kids tracking technology can do more good than harm.

I should know, I was separated from my daughter once ….

As long as we live, we will never forget how, when she was four, she gave us the scare of a lifetime, after she got lost in Lummus Park in Miami. 

We looked for her for three hours. When we found her later at the security office, without a worry on her cherubic face and munching candy, we could not hide our relief. 

But every cloud has a silver lining because after finding her, for the very first time, I heard about GPS kids tracking devices.  

Last year in 2014, the commercial use GPS turned 25 years. That means that the first entrants into the market must have been released around 1989. But the history of a product does not matter to the consumer, what matters most is the newest gadget, and the most functional one. 

Today, there is absolutely no excuse why a child should get lost; not that there was one when I lost my daughter in Miami.  With GPS child tracking receivers that are specifically made to track a child, you know you are well served in the market and that no matter how high or low your budget is, there is a GPS for every mom, dad, or caregiver out there.

A GPS kids tracking system for every mom and dad

Today, parents are spoilt for choice when they go out to buy GPS kids tracking devices to keep a child safe.  For example, there are even super lightweight wearable technology with GPS tracking devices that can be worn around the wrist. However, I always wonder whether an abductor would not just pluck the thing and toss it away.  Thus, it is much better to buy one that you can plant on your little girl or boy incognito,  and follow their progress without anyone knowing.

To show you just how important GPS kids tracking is to a parent, here is a list of the benefits that you should look forward to when you buy yours:

1. Follow; track yourself as you make progress along the routes that you have chosen. If you are tracking your child with the GPS receiver that is hidden in her backpack, you can follow her progress from when she left home for school, how much time she took, when she arrived at school and when she leaves for home. 

2. A child tracking system is a real jewel, especially as it comes with the geo-fencing feature where you can designate the areas that your child is mostly confined in and only get alerts when the kid leaves those areas. If you have a preteen whom you are suspecting of hanging around dangerous neighborhoods and you would like to track him, this is the best feature for you. 

3. You will also get regular updates whenever the “subject” is on the move. This is more than good news for you. If you intend to keep your child under your supervision, you will want to be alerted whenever they are on the move. 

4. GPS kids tracker can save lives and has done so in many instances. For example, consider when the children go on a school tour to Colorado, or somewhere and then you are warned of a blizzard or some other weather catastrophe through your GPS receiver, you can then be able to put a call to whoever is in charge of the trip to arrange for evacuation of the children. 

5. If you think you have a reason to suspect that your children are lying to you about their whereabouts, it is true, they are lying. Parental instincts are never wrong. Have a GPS receiver somewhere on their person and catch them at it. Thought they could outsmart you, did they? We will see. 

6. Your children will love the modern handheld GPS trackers. Why do I say this? For example, the Bear Tracker, which is actually a handheld GPS phone that allows your child to communicate with you has a GPS locator that can allow you to know where your child is all the time. It is a beautifully designed toy-bear that your child will love.   

Well, it is a tracker phone, sort of, but it is very handy, because you can also choose the phone numbers that you would like your child to access. That way, no stranger out there will reach your child behind your back. This shows how far the GPS for moms and dads has come, a long way indeed. 

7. The personal GPS devices that you can use on your children are small, light in weight and are easy to hide in the backpack if you must like pocketfinder with features such as its small light size, geo-fences, frequent updates, and location on Google Maps sing a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

8. No matter how high or low your budget is, there is always a GPS tracking device for you. Some cost tens of dollars while others costs hundreds of dollars. 

9. Today’s GPS kids tracking receivers are quite a piece of work. Do you know that even in the canyons, valleys or mountain ranges it will still track your position for you? Since it is waterproof, you can as well use it in any weather condition.

10. And then there is the fun factor. With geo-caching capability, try to locate that cached treasure with your GPS and beat other competitors to it. You can also involve your kids in a physical treasure hunt using their GPS device. The sooner they learn how to use it the better. 

When you go buying your GPS tracker, you should consider a few things. They include:

a. Buy the most popular brand names in the market. There is no need to be the guinea pig, you know, being the one to test a new product that has just hit the market. Read user reviews to know what you should buy. 

b. Must come with preloaded maps of the areas that your child frequents most

c. It should also have voice alerts and turn by turn instructions

d. In addition to maps, there should also be as many points of interest as possible. These include things like hospitals, hotels, shopping centers and ATMs, and anything that is easily recognizable and can be used as a landmark. 

e. Should also show your driving speed as well as give you an accurate time of arrival. This also means it must have many miles of road coverage. 

f. Long battery life. This is very important and so is clear TFT color display with the right resolution and many more features. Sometimes, it is better to pay a little more money for more features than pay less money for fewer features.

Do whatever you can to keep your child safe.  For example, when looking for a good a school, look for one where the buses are fitted with GPS kids tracking units so that the fleet manager can inform you of the time that the bus is going to arrive in your neighborhood. That way, even if you do not have a GPS tracker, you can be informed of the estimated time of arrival.