Top Device Tracking Systems for Your KIDs and TEENs

Thanks to technology, there are many GPS device tracking systems to locate your kids any time without being overly invasive.  A GPS Tracker is e meant to give you that peace of mind throughout your day while allowing wearers to live independently.

You should definitely invest in a location device that can be worn or pocketed. You’ll be alerted immediately if the device moves out of your designated safe zones or even if the wearer doesn’t go to his/her scheduled appointments. They provide security while decreasing your stress.

Kid picking flowers

Wearable device tracking system that won’t cramp your Kid’s style

Locators for your kid or teen come in all shapes and sizes. Watches and wristbands are an obvious option for those who wish for 2-way communication while still being able to tell time. 

• Revolutionary Tracker: This device tracking system can be worn on the wrist or hung from a lanyard while it syncs with your smartphone for real-time tracking. You can set up two-way texting and calling too. You’ll even be able to listen to the tracker’s environment if you need to be reassured. Single button dialing along with one SOS button means emergencies can be addressed immediately.

• Bluewater Security: A pretty neat locator, this watch uses GPS to pinpoint its location without too much intrusion. It works with the web portal application and mobile receiver to alert caregivers if your wanderer goes outside his or her safe zones. There’s also a panic button for scary situations.

• Project Lifesaver: Designed by a non-profit group, this digital watch is paired with a receiver for caregivers. The PAL (Protect and Locate) internet portal keeps updated tracking information while notifying you if the safe zone is breached. If your loved one goes missing, you can call your local Project Lifesaver Center and an emergency team immediately responds, making a quick rescue. If you don’t already have one of these centers, just call your local law enforcement to set one up.  Also important, is that only you can remove the watch with a special tool provided by the organization. No need to worry about grandma squeezing out of that watch!

Small trackers for a large world

If your kid doesn’t like the idea of a gaudy watch on her wrist, you can always just place a small locator device on her person. They can be put in a purse or pocket without being noticed.

• iTraq: For a change in pace, this tracking device doesn’t need fancy GPS to locate someone. It simply uses cellular towers to pinpoint its location. You can view its location on a phone or computer using the iTraq app and can also tell it how often to check its location which conserves battery life up to 3 years. Being the size of a credit card, you can easily hide the tracker in a pocket or bag.

• Mindme: Wanderers will benefit from this small locator that can fit in a pouch, on a key, or worn as a pendant. With 48 hours of battery, you can see its location every four minutes. If your child goes out of his safe zone, you can call the Mindme Response Center for a team of trained professionals to find him.

• PocketFinder: Size isn’t everything! Coming in at just 2”, this device tracking locator can easily keep up with your loved one. Using the app, you can see 2 minute updates of its location and it only tracks when the wearer is in motion, which saves a lot of energy! You’re also immediately notified if the tracker goes beyond a safe zone and can view its present location with Google Maps.

As you can see, there are many GPS tracking equipment and systems to keep your loved ones safe.  Even better, many of them incorporate real time GPS tracking.