5 Useful car GPS Tracker applications for travelling with kids

Car GPS tracker applications are a must if you do not want to get lost! Even still they are handy when traveling with children.

If you’re like me, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have GPS tracker at my fingertips.  

It’s one of those things, like your great-uncle Charlie, which has always been around without a second thought. Almost everyone has access to either a SatNav or a cell phone when they're on the move, and can use this to get from A to B with no problems. These systems use satellite communication to pinpoint the location of your vehicle, feeding back directions and travel information. 

Without a GPS tracker we’d be lost all the time and possibly forced to use one of those old paper maps to find our way.

Travel map

How Car GPS Tracker Benefits You When You're On the Move

1.  MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps App: An ideal solution to our GPS. For those who need a little extra when travelling, this app has it all! Once you plug in your desired destination, this app will give you many travel options (car, public transit, taxi) so you can choose the best one. You can even get an Uber to come get you! It’ll give you voice guided turn-by-turn directions along with traffic updates so you’ll always be on time. The app will also give you POI like restaurants (and their menus), hotels, shopping centers, and gas stations. You can then book a hotel or reservation right from the app. Pretty convenient!

2.  The Garmin nüvi 67LMT is a great choice for navigation. It’s preloaded with 49 state maps with a free lifetime of map updates. It also gives information about traffic delays and how to avoid them. I certainly don’t want to waste my time sitting in traffic! Even better, this device doesn’t rely on cellular signals so dead zones are no problem. Furthermore, since I’m driving alone, I can use the Garmin Real Directions for navigating. This friendly voice will give me turn-by-turn directions using landmarks like traffic lights. I won’t have to miss a road just because there’s no sign. Lastly, the car GPS tracker comes with Foursquare so great restaurants (kid friendly), shops and other points of interest won’t be wasted because I can add as many waypoints as I want.

3.  While on an adventure, there are great opportunities for exploration by using a handheld GPS geocaching device. It is fun to discover geocaches in picturesque places like national parks. The Magellan eXplorist GC North American GPS device is perfect for geocachers of any skill. It’s preloaded with the most popular geocaches in North America plus you can download at least 20 characteristics of each cache like size, terrain, difficulty, and hints. Since I know which parks I want to visit, I’ve already had some geocaches downloaded to the eXplorist GC. Plus, if I get to an uncharted area that I want to explore, I can just turn on the GPS and it’ll let me know what’s nearby. This waterproof device is great for discovering new places while providing 18 hours of battery life and 3.5 meter location accuracy. I can also use its maps for hiking along beautiful trails in the many states I’ll drive through. But don’t worry, I’ll be able to find my way back to the car by retracing my steps through the car GPS tracker since it keeps track!

4. TourPal, a free GPS based application, can show me where I am and where I should be going. It has maps and information for all the major cities in the world.  I can view the best restaurants (kids friendly), bars, shops, and sites. It’ll even show me hotels with the best rates. I will pre-download maps and tours of my destination so that data usage will be unnecessary. I can download a four-hour driving tour of Hollywood or Disney World with a voice that gives me great directions and details about landmarks along my route. It’s like having my very own tour guide!

5.  Smartwatch such as the Garmin Vivoactive Black watch.  This handheld GPS can do almost anything.  It allows your spouse or significant other to track your activity on a home computer watch or mobile device during your travels.  This is done through Live Track with a garmin app that is installed similar to a real time GPS tracking.  It also tracks sports activities such as running or swimming.  It boasts a long battery life which can last an average of  3 weeks.

So you see how a car GPS tracker applications can be beneficial when you travel alone or with kids.